The Grandfather Touch Lamp

This Piece was inspired by an old regulator clock my grandma and grandpa had in the living room when I was a kid. It was from that old clock that inspired inspiration to build this. The lamp has been in development over the years.

The Grandfather Lamp includes three separate lighting fields. The top, middle and bottom. The center of the lamp functions as a table and has an integrated 3 gang dimmable touch switch located in the back center of the tabletop. Each field can dim or turn on or off separately. The center and bottom field have and antique brass pendant that hangs in the center of the shades. The top has a fixed fixture that shines to the ceiling for more overhead light that can fill the room. The grandfather Lamp is constructed out of solid black walnut and features a cantilevering frame design. The shades are fire resistant Styrene with attached organic linen fabric.