Design Services and Pricing

We offer multiple solutions for getting the job done.

Pricing: Peter Marshall Design Services

At Peter Marshall Design, we offer a range of services to cater to your design and remodeling needs. We believe in providing transparent pricing to ensure you have a clear understanding of the costs associated with our services. Below, you will find the pricing for our various services:

Concept Sketching: $50 per hour 3-5 pencil sketches

Bring your ideas to life with our concept sketching service. Our skilled artists will create visual representations of your design concepts, providing you with a tangible vision of your project.

Illustrator SVG Color Exploration: $50 per hour

Explore different color palettes and visual styles for your project with our Illustrator SVG color exploration service. Our designers will create custom illustrations and digital graphics to help you visualize the color schemes. Generally this service happens after concept sketching.

3D Modeling in Rhino: $100 per hour

Experience the power of 3D modeling with our Rhino software service. Our team will create accurate and detailed 3D models of your designs, allowing you to visualize every aspect of your project to scale. The end result of this service can be utilized in multiple ways. Direct to CNC fabrication, outsourced Lazer engraving, water jet, plasma cutters ECT.

Technical 2D Drawings in Rhino: $100 per hour

Our technical drawing service provides precise and detailed drawings that serve as a blueprint for your project. These drawings are essential for construction, manufacturing, and installation.

CNC Production: $100 per hour

Harness the precision of computer numerical control (CNC) technology with our CNC production service. We utilize advanced machinery to fabricate custom parts and components for your project. Our equipment can run projects up to 28.5” wide up to 8’ in length and 1.5” thick.

Custom Furniture Design: $100 per hour

If you’re seeking unique lighting or furniture, our custom product design service is perfect for you. Our designers will create tailored designs that meet your specific requirements and style preferences.

Finish Carpentry and Install: $50 per hour

Transform your space with our finish carpentry and installation service. Our skilled craftsmen will meticulously install trim, moldings, and other finishing touches to enhance the overall look and feel of your project. Add a touch of elegance to your space with our skilled carpenters and expertly install other architectural elements to elevate the aesthetics of your project.

Interior Design: $100 per hour

Our interior design service combines creativity and expertise to create beautiful and functional spaces. Our designers will work closely with you to curate personalized interiors that reflect your style and preferences. 

Here at Peter Marshall Design we are committed to delivering exceptional quality and value throughout the design process.

For more information and to discuss your project in detail, please contact us for a personalized consultation. We look forward to working with you to bring your design dreams to life.