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Mid Century Modern Product Midnight with Integrated LED and Dimmable Touch Switch.

From the original idea behind the River Table Nightstand seen on instagram @peter.mdesign, @nf_designbuild, Peter Marshall Design LLC is proud to introduce a sneek peek at the brand new incredible mid century modern Product Midnight. A mix of modern technology, replicated stained glass with translucent colored Eco Poxy, derived from the classic sleek style of the time. Colors related to the era and carefully chosen for emotional support for positive influence on the user experience. Artfully Integrated LED and Dimmable Touch Switch. Push to open internally lit drawers and bottom storage for books, clothes etc. This product is not just furniture but an experience not yet introduced to the world. Peter Marshall Design LLC is excited to share! Thank you all for your support in the development of Product Midnight.
Product Midnight is still in development All Rights Reserved.

Please reach out for more information!